Book: A crocheted ice cream shop

Design: Heidi B. Johannesen, Pia HH Johannesen

Do all children want an ice cream shop? Then this book is perfect.

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A crocheted ice cream shop

Do all children want an ice cream shop? Now they have the chance, because with this book parents and grandparents are encouraged to grasp the crochet hook and crochet loose, so that softice, ice cream wafers, ice cream sticks and more can be sold. In other words, this crochet book contains recipes for content and equipment for children's very own ice cream shop and thus the basis for many hours of play in the room or in the garden. "A crocheted ice cream shop" also contains small kreaprojects, which children can help to make, so that they also help to create nice decorations for their shop. Be inspired to crochet and be creative, and enjoy experiencing children's play with ice cream and shop with the things you have crocheted for them.

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In the book you will find recipes for eg

Ice Cream cones

Ice lollies

gum Balls




The authors:
Sisters and the women behind the "Krea Deluxe" success - a company that designs and develops krea kits for home furnishings, children and children's rooms, accessories and "when making homemade gifts".

Language Danish

Publisher: Turbine

| Year 2017 | 150 pages | ISBN 978-87-406-1841-9

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