Book: Knitted cloths from A to Ø

Designer: Gitte Gade

In this book there are 27 great recipes for knitted cloths.

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KNITTED cloths from A to Ø

Homemade cloths are popular. They are both sustainable, usable and soft. In this book there are recipes for 25 color-coordinated cloths in different patterns as well as two where the yarn residues are used.

The cloths are knitted in various yarns of cotton and bamboo. Knitting cloths is a cozy and affordable workmanship and a great place to start for beginners.

Publisher: Klematis

Year 2017 | ISBN 978-87-7139-231-9

27 great recipes for cloths. To make all the cloths in the book use 25 cotton keys.

Mayflower Cotton 8/4 is recommended yarn in the book.

There are a few small fixes for two recipes, see the corrections here:


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