Book: The very easy guide to Fair Isle Knit

Design: Lynne Watterson


Step-by-step techniques, easy-to-understand pattern descriptions and projects that can get you started.

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Fair Isle Knit may look complicated, but it is actually not that difficult when you first understand the basic techniques. Author Lynne Watterson helps the novice get started with an introduction to the dash, a simple technique that shows some of the principles behind Fair Isle Knitwear. Then, the book goes on with sections on lice patterns, Fair Isle tapes and edges, how to read a Fair Isle charts, handling annoying yarn lace and how to capture the technique behind the round and sockets. The very easy guide to Fair Isle Knit is full of beautiful and simple projects that demonstrate how to use the beautiful multicolored Fair Isle patterns. You easily get started with accessories, the latest knitwear or pillows and rugs that give the home an extra color play.

The book's main section contains a selection of beautiful knitting patterns, all of which have easy-to-understand instructions, explained in text and diagrams.

It is divided into three main sections:

1) the basics: a kind of knitting school with explanation of yarn types, suggestions for purchasing tools and color combinations, and 15 common techniques that help the beginner get started

2) Fair Isle patterns: more techniques and 11 great projects

3) Closing Techniques: Suggestions on how to refine your creations

In addition, the book contains a comprehensive glossary and a solid register that makes it easy for both the beginner and the practitioner to get an overview of abbreviations, techniques and projects.

Facts about the author

Lynne Watterson is one of the industry's most experienced knitting editors. She has worked on several English craft magazines and published several knitting books.

Publisher: Turbine

Year 2017 | 215 ISBN 978-87-406-1169-4

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