Du Store Alpakka Coconut Button 17 mm (1263A-32)

Du Store Alpakka's fine coconut buttons are made in Italy.

The diameter of the button is 17 mm.

Du Store Alpakka number: (1263A-32)

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Du Store Alpakka Coconut Button

Looking for a unique button to add some flair to your outfit? Look no further than Du Store Alpakka's coconut buttons! Made in Italy with a lovely floral pattern, these buttons are the perfect addition to any outfit.

The Du Store Alpakka coconut button is a high-quality, handmade button made of natural materials. The button has a lovely floral design and is perfect for adding a touch of elegance to your clothing. This coconut button from Du Store Alpakka with its lovely floral pattern is perfect for your next sewing project. The diameter of the button is 17 mm, and it's made of coconut to display Italian craftsmanship at its best!

Luxury with a good conscience

Buttons have existed for almost 5000 years. The very first buttons that were found were made of seashells.

From the very beginning they had had a more than just practical function on a garment. Nice buttons add that little extra and can be used as decoration.

Buttons from Italy

Our nacre buttons are made of seashells, more precisely the finest agoya.

The shimmering, beautiful raw material has been used for button production since the beginning of time and is also used in precious wood, for example in the manufacture of certain guitars.

Our beautiful coconut buttons also come from the same source.


House of Yarn A/S took over Du Store Alpakka in the autumn of 2012 and runs the brand in the same spirit and according to the same principles as the founders.

We have a great focus on ethical and fair trade and strive to maintain quality in everything we do.

Du Store Alpakka has been a driving force for building and running the Mirasol school, a school for the children of the alpacka hunters in the Andes Mountains.

The school is financed through parts of the proceeds of all yarns sold at Du Store Alpakka, besides that, we also have a sponsorship association for the children.

Every time you buy yarn from Du Store Alpakka, you support the Mirasol school.

That's what we call luxury with good conscience!


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