Christmas Knit-Along 2018

Join the DROPS-along and let's knit Christmas jumpers together, knit for the whole family! 

Here you will find an overview of the material you need, along with several other yarn alternatives! 

Remember that the yarn consumption depends entirely on what size you want to knit, that is, you should start by finding the size that suits you: Measure a jumper that suits you — or the one who is getting a new Christmas jumper — and compare the measurements found in the measuring guide to find the right size. 

It is available both in adult and children's sizes. 


This pattern is easy to follow, but if you are a beginner and a not too confident of your skills, we have made clues where we step-by-step or stitch-by-stitch instructions will help you through this Knit-Along. Both pictures and videos are available that will help you with this cute Christmas jumper.

Have you never knitted a project with several colours? Then this is perfect to start with! 


We start knitting together on Thursday, November 1st!

Find the clues here

You'll find clue #1 here



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