Drops Loves You 8 Yarn Packs

A thick, beautiful, and versatile 8/8 cotton yarn

If you’re looking for a yarn that’s good for anything and everything, this 100% cotton 8/8 yarn will be your new go-to. Durable and lightweight, this yarn yields fabrics that are soft, machine washable, and easy to care for, making it suitable for making clothing, accessories, and pretty much any kind of project.

This yarn is perfect for knitting and crochet and is super soft and breathable too, so you can make clothing or toys for babies with the Drops Loves You 8 Yarn too. Available as a yarn pack of 19 and 10, the DLY8 yarn includes a bunch of classic, gorgeous colors that you can use for any project.

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Materiale_227: 100% Cotton
£ 8.99
£ 10.00
You save: £ 1.01
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