Du Store Alpakka Bling Effect Yarn

Content: 100% polyester

Weight/length: 50 g = approx. 350 meters

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Du Store Alpakka Bling Effect Yarn

Bling is a thin effect thread that can be used together with all yarn qualities from Du Store Alpakka, from the thick Pus-yarn to the thinnest Air-kinds.

The thread is so thin that it will not affect the knitting tension.

It's 5 cm between each sequin.

TIP: Bling Effect thread is perfect to use on an edge, as a detail and as a part of a pattern knitting or as a glimmering feel to the entire garment.

It's fun to see how the surface changes character depending on the kind of yarn and colour that Bling is used together with.

Each time you buy yarn from Du Store Alpakka, you’re supporting the Mirasol school in Peru.


Alpaca - a natural luxury.

Alpaca is one of the world's most exclusive fibre and was once only used by the Inca kings in Peru. If you'd done an important deed to the country, you could be the lucky one to receive some alpaca clothes as a gift – otherwise, this yarn was only for the select few.

Alpaca animals

The alpaca hair comes from the alpaca that lives high up in the Andes mountains in South America and is one of four animals in the South American camel family.

The animals are relatively rare, which is why the price of the raw material can be high.

Three times as warm as regular wool

Alpaca has many unbeatable abilities that are different from regular wool.

Alpaca is about three times as warm as regular wool.

Alpaca also feels warm when it's cold, and cool when it's warm.

Healing properties

It has «healing properties», which means that rheumatic patients and others with problematic joints are very happy with alpaca.

Alpaca is also not itchy on most people. Alpaca does not contain lanoline – which is great if you're allergic!

How the alpaca wool is treated

Alpaca has a lovely glow and contains a lot of sulphur.

It's therefore wise to hang the alpaca clothes out to be aired out since it will clean itself.

If you need to wash the clothes, use Milo, Woolite or a good hair shampoo, wash by hand with a lot of lukewarm water.

Let the clothes dry flat in its proper shape, preferably on a towel.

This way the garment will keep looking great for many years.



Those are really nice tiny sequin yarns. I got a few of those just to try and I am hooked. I got two hats knitted with those by adding them to my regular threads. One hat has a stripe with it, the other one is entirely covered in sequins. These look lovely and are not too much. Very easy to work with.

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