Prym Knitting dolly

Knitting dolls for creating knitted laces and knitted tubes

Wooden knitting dolly or knitting nancy, multi-coloured

Easy to use, even for children

Includes blunt, plastic knitting pin

£ 5.27
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Prym Knitting dolly

Who hasn't thought of their childhood and their first attempts at knitting when you have the classic, multi-coloured, wooden"knitting dolly" or "knitting nancy” for kids in your hands?

Even kids can get excited about knitting with these two knitting dolls.

Each of them has four pins made of stainless steel wire, on which stitches can be created.

The included, dull plastic pin is used for lifting the stitch.

Beautiful knitted cords can be created with an even stitch stricture, which can be further processed for any creative idea you can think of.


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