Hama Midi 4202 Pegboards & beads Christmas

Pack of 2 pegboards, ironing paper and approx. 1100 beads from the Hama

Package contain pegboards 270 and 325

£ 7.00
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Hama Midi Pegboards & beads Christmas edition 4202 

Get your children in on the Christmas decorating fun with the Hama Midi Christmas Pegboards Pack. This pack includes 2 pegboard shapes, ironing paper, and approximately 1100 Hama beads, so you and your children can start creating beautiful Christmas-themed designs as soon as you receive them.

The versatile person-shaped pegboard lets you create so many designs like Santa, snowman, or even a festive penguin. With the start shaped pegboard, you can create a snowflake, a large star, or even a Christmas tree with a star on top. Just follow the patterns on the pack and you can create so many designs with just 2 pegboards. Once you run out of the beads, you can just buy a refill pack to continue using the pegboards as you like!

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Here's how you do it:

1. Place beads on the board.

2. Place ironing paper on the beads and melt the beads with an iron.

3. Pull the stitched beads off the reusable pegboard.

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