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Zpagetti yarn from hooked

Check out the exciting yarn Zpagetti from Hoooked. This thick t-shirt yarn gives a very firm and robust result. It is very suitable for making a smart knitted puff, pillow, lampshade or a large crochet back.

You will soon be able to see a development in your project due to the thickness of the yarn.

Note that each key is unique, and the image shows the different shades / colors that the key can have. If you want a color, please write a comment on the order. Each key weighs approx. 850 grams and always comes as a key, although the image shows more than one key.

Hoooked Zpagetti's fabric meets the European REACH standard for the safety of use of chemicals in staining.

If you think of the idea of recycling, check out Hoooked's crochet hooks in recycled plastic, which are perfect for Hoooked Zpagetti and Ribbon XL .

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Hoooked Zpagetti

The recycled cotton yarn from Hoeded originally started as a T-shirt yarn back in 2008.

The yarn is made from recycled cotton from the fashion industry and is particularly selected by Hoooked's own dedicated staff.

It's passionate about crochet and knitting. Their mission is to inspire and create. Therefore, they also have many recipes including bags, blankets, interiors and more.

The Zpagetti fabric is available in many shades and is easy to knit and crochet. We recommend using crochet hooks in the size 12-15mm, but others can also be used.


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