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13 recipes for lady and gentleman from Du Store Alpakka in Thin Alpaca, Strong, Air and Soul.

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The style is Scandi-Cool. Now we pay tribute to relaxed and cool Nordic simplicity. And it feels quite natural to do so in the incredibly beautiful alpaca qualities from Du Store Alpakka.

This is functional minimalism - stripped of unnecessary details.

It's quality. It's comfortable. It's usable. This is perfect for those who love clothes without fuzz.

So why not knit the entire wardrobe - in alpaca. There is hardly anything that comes up against a soft and delicious garment in a nice alpaca. If you have first tried, there is no way back. We promise.

Are you completely fresh with sticks and yarn, love quality and want something completely unique? Then you might find something that tempts here. We have also thought of you who love great aran patterns, nice structures and clear contrasts in simple, classic lines - and we treat every man a new alpaca T-shirt.

We wish you a fantastic Scandi-Cool alpaca experience!

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