Mrs. Bjørn

Design by OJ Heklerier

Ms. Bjørn: Easy to read and detailed crochet recipe for Mrs. Bjørn. Mrs. Bjørn will be approx. 18 cm high. A cute little bear with the finest ostrich skirt.

The recipe is sent digitally

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- Crochet hook size 2.5 mm (eg DROPS Basic crochet hook or KnitPro Wave crochet hook )

- 1 key pink cotton yarn 8/4 * (eg DROPS Loves You 7 , DROPS Safran or Mayflower Cotton 8/4 )

- 1 key pink cotton yarn 8/4 *

- 1 key white cotton yarn 8/4 *

- 1 residue of black cotton yarn 8/4

- Polyester fill

* Although a whole key is listed, it is used

not a whole key. However, it is these colors that must be

Most used.


Wow - amazing animals and the patterns are easily accessible! Thank you.

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