Book: Art on stone - Paint the sweetest animals

Author: Denise Scicluna

ISBN: 9788740652864

Original title: Rock art critters - paint the perfect pebble

Pages: 128 pages

Release Date: 2019-02-27

£ 30.30
Availability: Out of stock

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Art on stone - Paint the cutest animals

With the right stone and a little imagination, with the help of this book you can create fine, cute animals on stones.

Art on stone - painting the cutest animals is the sequel to the popular Art on stone by Denise Scicluna. This time it's about animals! Once you have found the right stone, just find out which animal you want to paint, and here you get lots of inspiration. Simple step by step instructions allow you to transform your small stones into animals, birds, insects, fish, reptiles and much more.

In the book you get tricks on how to select the right stones, paint them - and what you can use them for. Here, both children and adults can participate, so find stones and grinding gear, and create beautiful, sweet stones!

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