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Baby Silk is a luxurious yarn made of 80% baby alpaca and 20% silk. It couldn't be nicer! The yarn becomes incredibly soft and glossy and because of the silk, it gives a drier feel than pure alpaca. Babysilk is suitable both for veneer indoor and winter and is absolutely great for the very smallest, who have nice and sensitive skin.

Fine is a nice, soft and shiny yarn that is suitable for baby clothes, delicious tops and sweaters, but also for many accessories such as scarves and hats. 50% silk and 50% baby alpaca, which makes the yarn extra soft and shiny. The same gauge as the thin alpaca.

Sky has a beautiful silk gloss and softness that comes from a lovely blend of the finest silk and baby alpaca. The yarn is thin and delicate and should be on thin sticks when knit alone. Combined with one of the other qualities in Dreamline, on the other hand, it can be knitted on much thicker sticks and gives a lovely shine to the other yarns.

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Contents: 70% Babyalpaka / 30% Silk
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Contents: 50% baby alpaca / 50% mulberry silk
£ 7.37
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Contents: 80% Baby alpaca / 20% mulberry silk
£ 7.64
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