Sir. Parrot

Design by OJ Heklerier

Easy to read and detailed crochet recipe for Hr. Parrot. A cute, beautiful and colorful parrot.

The recipe is sent digitally.

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- Crochet hook size 3 mm (eg DROPS Basic crochet hook or KnitPro Wave crochet hook )

- 2 keys red cotton yarn 8/4 * (eg DROPS Loves You 7 , DROPS Safran or Mayflower Cotton 8/4 )

- 1 key green cotton yarn 8/4 *

- 1 key turquoise cotton yarn 8/4 *

- 1 key blue cotton yarn 8/4 *

- 1 key yellow cotton yarn 8/4 *

- 1 residue white cotton yarn 8/4

- 1 residue black cotton yarn 8/4

- Polyester fill

- Plastic granules

* Even though whole keys are listed, the whole key is not always used. However, these colors must be used most often.

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