KnitPro Symfonie Interchangeable Circular Needle Set Deluxe

Material: High-polished, multicolored birch wood

Types:  Interchangeable Circular Needles 

Sizes: 3.50, 4.00, 4.50, 5.00, 5.50, 6.00, 7.00, and 8.00 mm

Needle length: 13 cm

Other contents:

  • 4 swivel cables: 60 cm, 80 cm x2, and 100 cm
  • 8 stoppers
  • 4 tightening keys
  • 1 set of cable connectors
  • Purple fabric case
£ 75.00
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KnitPro Symfonie Interchangeable Circular Needle Set Deluxe

Explore the world of knitting with the KnitPro Symfonie Interchangeable Circular Needle Set Deluxe, the ultimate choice for knitting enthusiasts, both new and experienced. This deluxe set includes eight of the most commonly used needle sizes, perfect for a wide range of knitting projects. The set comes with a generous assortment of accessories, all beautifully presented in an elegant purple fabric case with a scalloped edge, which not only meets your knitting needs but also serves as a charming addition to your knitting collection.

Ideal for all types of knitting projects and perfect for knitters on the go thanks to the durable and aesthetically pleasing fabric case.

Product benefits

  • Versatile: The set includes eight needle sizes to cover various knitting needs.
  • Portable: Comes in a compact fabric case, ideal for knitters who are often on the move.
  • High quality: Made from beautiful, high-polished multicolored birch wood, ensuring a smooth knitting experience.

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