Do you love the idea of recycling materials and giving old things new features? In that case, check out our range of yarn from Hoooked. Hoooked is a yarn manufacturer from the Netherlands which supplies recycled yarn of very high quality. The yarn is developed based on a great passion for creativity, fashion, and durability. That is also supported by the fact that the quality yarn is available in a wide range of colours, which ensures you a great result.

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Yarn for any project

At LindeHobby, we are proud to have recycled yarn from Hoooked in our range. Hoooked produces both sturdy yarn, which is suitable for interior items and softer and, perhaps most importantly, itch-free yarn, perfect for garments, teddy bears or the like. The yarn consists of either 100% or 80% recycled cotton, which has been made from textile residues, such as old T-shirts. Although the yarn is produced from recycled material, its quality is not bad for that reason. Hoooked has a great focus on the fact that the material from which the yarn is made is of very high quality. 

Unique quality yarn with many characteristics

The brand stands out from the crowd on several different parameters. The recycled yarn is not only of incredibly high quality, but it is also unique. Not all of the yarn is dyed, and therefore you cannot get two entirely identical yarn skeins. The thickness of the thread will also often vary just because it is made of textile residues, which makes the yarn unique. However, these factors are no constraint to the selection of colours at Hoooked, which you can also see if you click on the different types of yarn. Of course, we will not be able to show you the exact colour range of all types as some of the yarn, as described above, is not dyed. However, it will always be as close as possible. The yarn is also made in different colour combinations so that creativity can be challenged! In cases where the yarn is dyed, the dyeing process is done within the European REACH standard, which ensures that the use of chemicals is top quality. Hoooked Production Centre in Portugal also ensures that Hoooked has full control over their working conditions and production standards.

Eco-friendly crochet needles

Hoooked has also made two crochet needles for use with the yarn, which is also environmentally friendly and made of either 100% recycled plastic or bamboo. Due to their light and smooth qualities, the crochet hook is easy and comfortable to work with. They have also not been treated with chemicals, so the environmentally friendly aspect is preserved even in these products. These beautiful crochet needles help you on the way to a good result on your upcoming project.