DMC has been producing yarn since 1746 and they supply high quality yarn.. Try for example the ultra-thin cotton yarn Petra, which is perfect for crocheting lace and other thin work, and then it comes in 36 beautiful colors.
In addition, we sell Nova Vita 4, which is recycled cotton from fabric scraps and is available in 6 beautiful colors. The yarn is particularly suitable for Macramé (knitting), crochet and knitting of home accessories. A fun detail about the yarn is that the bandage contains flower seeds, so you can sow your own flower by planting the bandage in the ground.

£ 5.86
£ 6.50
You save: £ 0.64
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Materiale_227: 80% recycled cotton / 20% polyester
£ 7.49
£ 9.49
You save: £ 2.00
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Materiale_227: 80% recycled cotton / 20% polyester
£ 8.99
£ 9.95
You save: £ 0.96
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LindeHobby was founded in 2015 with a mission to deliver quality yarn and accessories at competitive prices. The best possible customer service is always provided, so that your knitting or crochet project can be a success. 

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