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At LindeHobby, we have only the best of the best and when it comes to silk yarn, DROPS Garnstudio and Du Store Alpakka are in the absolute top class. The one thing that makes silk so special is its unique ability for temperature control. That makes the silk ideal in many different types of knitwear: like shawls, ponchos, tops, dresses, scarves, hats, baby knitwear and more. It cools you down during warm weather and warms you up during cold weather. Although silk is the integral element of all our different kinds of silk yarn, the qualities look very different in their appearances, and they are also best suited for different types of knitwear. Common to all types is the high quality which always ensures good results for our customers.

Wide range

In our different models, the silk is mixed with mohair, mulberry silk, and baby alpaca. This blend gives the yarn a unique mix of softness and strength. Our most popular silk blends are alpaca and mulberry as well as mohair as they come in a variety of colours and can be used for many different garments. For example, the alpaca is one of the world's most exclusive fibres, which is why it was used only by the Inca kings in Peru. Moreover, the alpaca isn't itchy either and it's three times warmer compared to ordinary wool! 

In our product overview, you can easily see the recommended needle thicknesses for the different qualities, so you always end up with just the product you imagined. There are also clear washing and drying instructions for the different kinds of yarn, which is very important to follow. The different silk types do not react the same when washing and drying, so it is essential to follow the instructions every time. 

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From natural to intense colours

Common for the silk types from DROPS Garnstudio and Du Store Alpakka are the many beautiful colours you can choose from, and this is another thing that increases the diversity of their use. Most kinds of yarn come in both beautiful earthy and natural tones as well as more eye-catching and intense colours, so there is something for every taste and every occasion.

If you fall in love with one or more of our silk types, there doesn't have to be far from thought to action. With our short delivery time and guarantee for safe purchases, you can safely, easily and quickly get a hold of your new favourite silk and get to work!