Permin yarns

A Scandinavian Art Needlework Brand

Established as early as 1854 in Copenhagen, Carl J. Permin A/S has made its name over the years as a leading brand in Art Needlework. In more recent times, Permin has developed its own line of hand-knitting yarns. Permin yarns are trendy, versatile, and easy to work with. Made with natural fibers and available in a wide palette of colors, there’s so much you can make with Permin yarns. Explore our collection that includes a wool-cotton blend yarn called Permin Esther and a Kid mohair-wool blend yarn called Permin Bella that are both great for your winter staples.

Materiale_227: 55% Wool / 25% Cotton
£ 4.06
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Materiale_227: 75% Kid mohair / 20% Wool / 5% Polyamide
£ 9.00
£ 10.00
You save: £ 1.00
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