DROPS - Merino

Ultra-soft texture and finish

The DROPS Merino collection features a range of fine woollen yarns that are made using wool from free-range animals in South America. The super-soft yarns are gentle on the skin and stretchy while being light and breathable. This ensures that all your knitted garments offer maximum comfort and fit. DROPS Merino yarn can also be machine washed and is ideal for knitting everyday use garments and projects.

Plenty of colours and thicknesses to choose from

Made in Europe and Oeko-Tex® certified, DROPS Merino yarn is cable spun and offers clearly defined stitches and colours. Spun with multiple fine threads, these yarns vibrant shades with a mixed effect. Ideal for a wide range of patterns, Merino yarns are a versatile must-have for every garment-knitting enthusiast.

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