Manos del Uruguay

The South American yarn producer, Manos del Uruguay, has existed since 1968. From the very beginning, their aim was to improve the life quality for the women in villages of Uruguay by offering them work. Since 2009 Manos del Uruguay has been a member of the World Fair Trade Organization. 

One of the many reasons for the uniqueness of the yarn made by Manos del Uruguay is the many beautiful colours and heathering. All their yarn is hand-dyed in the most stunning nuances and variations. Therefore, every single skein is unique. The secret herein lies in the small lots of yarn being dyed in wood-fired kettles. Factors like the local water, the weather as well as the time of year all contribute in the creation of the exquisite nuances.  

Try Fino which combines the softness of merino wool with the sheen of silk, Alegría with its wonderful blend of superwash-treated merino wool and durable polyamide or perhaps the mini-skeins delivered in wonderful little kits of 5 adorable mini-skeins.

Materiale_227: 75% Superwash merino wool / 25% Polyamide
£ 17.21
£ 21.50
You save: £ 4.29
1 reviews
Materiale_227: 70% Extrafine merino wool / 30% Silk
£ 22.73
0 reviews
£ 15.53
£ 19.40
You save: £ 3.87
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Materiale_227: 70% Extrafine merino wool / 30% Silk
£ 28.80
0 reviews
Materiale_227: 80% Kid mohair / 20% Polyamide
£ 10.63
£ 13.30
You save: £ 2.67
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