At the family-owned Malabrigo from Uruguay the focus is always to produce yarn of incomparable quality. Every step and every component that are a part of the production of their wonderful yarn is utmost appreciated and carefully planned, and this incredible sense of detail is clearly expressed in every single ball of yarn they produce. 

The wool, used in the production of the hand-dyed yarn, is of high quality which provides the especially soft character in which you will long rejoice. Moreover, every skein gets, as a result of the hand-dyeing, an individual dye lot and thus, every project wherein it is utilized gets a unique, incomparable expression. From the production of the wool to the selection of every one of their wonderful colours; at Malabrigo they always take their time to perfect their craft.  

Malabrigo Worsted is an especially treasured yarn which has popularised Malabrigo across the globe. As it is, Worsted has a long range of  applications and regardless whether you wish to use it for sweaters, socks, hats or something entirely different, the result with Worsted is something you will treasure every time you wear it.

Materiale_227: 100% Superwash Merino wool
£ 13.50
£ 16.90
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Materiale_227: 100% Merino wool
£ 8.40
£ 13.00
You save: £ 4.60
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