Below you will find our wide range of clews, which are incredibly popular at the moment. We offer different brands in all kinds of colors and sizes, so you will be able to find just the type of yarn you're looking for, for your next creative project. At LindeHobby, we only offer products with the highest quality. We guarantee you an exclusive product that can be used for all purposes. Look around on our page and be inspired by our exciting, wide range of yarn in linen.


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Contents: 53% Cotton, 33% Viscose, 14% Flax
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Contents: 53% Cotton, 47% Linen
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Contents: 70% Viscose / 30% Flax
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Rustic and natural type of yarn – perfect for summer clothes

On this page, you will among other things, find DROPS Cotton Lin, which is a rustic and natural type of yarn. It is spun from several Threads of cotton and linen, resulting in a solid structure, which means that this is an extremely durable and strong type of yarn. In addition, you can apply Bomull-Lin to many different projects, but whether you choose to knit a sweater or a top, it will have a shiny expression and an exclusive sense of linen. We should also mention, that the yarn is especially suitable for light  and figure knitted models, and therefore is the perfect choice for you to knit summer clothes with. Choose from our many fine and natural colors and give your clothes a rustic look with DROPS Bomull-Lin.

Luxurious result– choose from the many fine colors  

Our wide and exciting range also covers high-quality yarn from DROPS Belle, which is a perennial yarn made of linen, viscose and cotton. This mixture results in a wonderful material with a delicate texture, which you can easily apply directly to your body. Thus, this is a slightly finer type of yarn, and if you choose to combine this with Cotton Light and Muskat for instance, you are guaranteed a luxurious result. Here on our site, you will find many fine colors, giving you the opportunity to find just the model you are looking for to create everyday luxuries.

Get a secure and easy deal at LindeHobby

If you are in need of linen yarn, you will definitely find at LindeHobby, what you are looking for and at very good prices too. In addition, when you shop with us, you get a secure and easy deal and also fast delivery. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to complete your upcoming knitting project, and therefore we supply all of Denmark with high quality yarn. Look around on the page and be inspired by our large selection of popular brands.



LindeHobby was founded in 2015 with a mission to deliver quality yarn and accessories at competitive prices. The best possible customer service is always provided, so that your knitting or crochet project can be a success. 

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