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Would you like to please your child or granddaughter with incredibly soft clothes, or do you want to create fun sponge figures that they can bring in the bathtub? Then check out our range of Rico Designs products. Rico Design is a popular Dutch company that has delivered products to the yarn industry since 1974. Regardless of what creative project you are looking for, almost all the materials you need can be purchased from Rico Design. The company produces everything from jewelry to yarn and embroidery. However they are Mostly known for their yarn, which is traded almost worldwide. At LindeHobby, we are of course very proud to present this brand in our range.

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Creative ideas of high quality

The team behind Rico Design is a young and motivated team that develops innovative and creative ideas that they enjoy sharing with their customers. It is important for the company that all members of the team contribute to idea development with their own experiences, personalities and knowledge. In our range at LindeHobby you can get the most popular yarn qualities and recipes. The different yarns have different qualities, but are all very suitable for everyday use. The yarn is of high quality and is available in many beautiful colours and colour combinations, which ensures a great result no matter which project you are going to do. The quality varies from robust to super soft yarn so there will definitely be something that suits your project.

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Besides having yarn from Rico Design in our range, at LindeHobby, we also offer some of Rico's funny recipes for a range of creative projects. With these recipes you can make great creations, for example is the recipe for fun bathing sponges very popular. The recipes can of course also be used for inspiration, so you can come across new, fun and creative knitting projects. If you click on one of the images that shows the different yarn qualities, you will be able to find detailed information about the different yarn types.Here you can find weight, knitting strength, price and washing instructions. It is also here that you find the exact colour selection as well as a detailed description of the quality of the yarn and the characteristics it has.

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At LindeHobby, our goal is to be one of the most satisfying and fastest in delivering Rico Designs products. You will receive your merchandise fast after ordering. You can see our large range and order your merchandise whenever it suits you.



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