Crochet hooks from Clover

At LindeHobby, we’re introducing some of our favourite crochet hooks from this iconic brand, so you can experience crochet unlike ever before.

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Different styles for your needs

Clover hooks come with elastane rubber handles that offer a superior grip and make it super easy to work on all your crochet projects. Available in many different colours and sizes, these hooks are light and ergonomic for all your crochet needs.

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A must-have for crochet

Clover actively seeks customer feedback and has built a large community of crochet enthusiasts. This helps the brand test new ideas, designs and tweak them to perfection.

Each hook is crafted to be incredibly soft and allows your yarns to slide without any extra effort. This makes Clover hooks the perfect choice for your collection, and a must-have if you take your crochet art seriously.

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Celebrate Clover’s rich history

Clover’s roots date back to 1925. Founded by Toshio Okada, who at the age of 26 decided to start the company as a wholesale supplier for needles and handicrafts. It soon became a manufacturer of high-quality needles and hooks made using technologically advanced machinesand methods.

After establishing Clover USA in Los Angeles in 1983, Clover has gone ahead to make some of the best patchwork quilting and knitting tools revered by artisans not only in the U.S but Europe and across the world.