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Since 2015, we at LindeHobby have been on a mission to bring our customers one step closer to high-quality, affordable hooks for all of your crochet projects. Every single item you’ll find in our store is carefully handpicked from popular brands—you’re sure to fall in love with the world of crochet.

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Our Best Products, Wetted By Our Customers

Explore our most popular crochet hooks from across the store all in one place. This collection includes all the crochet hooks that avid crocheters just like you absolutely adore and use in all of their projects.

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Something For Everybody

From basic crochet hooks in aluminium, steel, wood, double-ended hooks and different kinds of Tunisian hooks to lighted crochet hooks and ones made with sustainable materials, we have a large selection of customer favourites. With different sizes and lengths available, you’ll find the perfect hooks for each project.

The Best Brands In the Market

With different types of crochet hooks from major brands, we’re sure you’ll see why these products are so well-received. Choose from smooth, classic crochet hooks by DROPS and Clover, Tunisian and knooking hooks by KnitPro, sustainably made beginner hooks by Hoooked, and lighted crochet hooks by The Crochet Light.


LindeHobby was founded in 2015 with a mission to deliver quality yarn and accessories at competitive prices. The best possible customer service is always provided, so that your knitting or crochet project can be a success. 

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