Experience the warmth of pure Icelandic wool. With a commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly living, Ístex offers high-quality, natural Icelandic wool that’s sourced directly from farmers.

Truly unique and extra-tough, the long coarse fibres of Icelandic wool provide unparalleled insulation and water resistance, while still being soft and smooth. Ístex yarns are perfect for making sweaters, socks, wool blankets and duvets too.

A touch of tradition and trust

Carrying on the Icelandic wool industry that started in Mosfellsbær in 1896, 80% of the company is owned by farmers. Ístex wool is also free of any harmful substances and boasts an OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certification that you can trust.

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Another Nordic brand of ours is DROPS of which you can find here

Materiale_227: 100% Icelandic wool
£ 2.39
£ 2.99
You save: £ 0.60
2 reviews
Materiale_227: 100% Icelandic wool
£ 4.31
£ 5.39
You save: £ 1.08
0 reviews
Materiale_227: 100% Merino wool
£ 4.07
£ 5.09
You save: £ 1.02
0 reviews
£ 6.53
£ 7.25
You save: £ 0.72
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