Glitter and effect yarn

Glitter is the new fashion statement This applies to everything from dresses, shirts and sweaters to socks and jewellery. Everything glitters, and often the glitter itself can be exactly what turns a piece of everyday wear into party wear. At LindeHobby we have also jumped on the bandwagon and with our DROPS Glitter, we give you the opportunity to join us. DROPS Glitter comes in rolls of 10 grams, and when it is knitted or crocheted together with most other yarn qualities from DROPS, the glitter yarn gives your outfit a modern, shiny and glittering effect.

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Different colours and effects

Our DROPS Glitter contains 60% cupro and 40% metal and a typical women's size blouse uses 1-2 rolls. DROPS has made the yarn in gold, silver, bronze, and red, giving a great variety to your finished result as the colours vary a lot depending on the yarn type and colour they are combined with. It's easy to get exactly the look you want. If you are looking for other colours for your glitter yarn, you should either check out our Bling Effect yarn from Du Store Alpakka, which comes in many different colours where all of them have beautiful, sewn-on sequins that give a particularly expressive result, or Gullfasan from Dale, which is available in both gold and silver.

DROPS Glitter is made so that you can easily wash your finished product. However, we recommend that the temperature is not set above 30 degrees C. This way, the clothes can last as long as possible without losing its shape.

Only the imagination is the limit

In addition, the thread itself is suitable for use in many different designs, so we recommend using it to give your woollen winter knitting, woollen socks, headband, party dress or thin blouse a little extra glamour. You can also use it to make different and beautiful Easter or Christmas decorations. It's only your imagination that's the limit.

Whether you choose one of the models from DROPS, Du Store Alpakka, or Dale for your new knitting or crochet project, we guarantee a beautiful result that will stand out from the crowd. Should you become addicted, there's no cause for concern. The use of the yarn is so multifaceted that you can keep making clothes or ornaments without them looking like each other. In addition, we have fast and safe delivery so you can get started quickly!



LindeHobby was founded in 2015 with a mission to deliver quality yarn and accessories at competitive prices. The best possible customer service is always provided, so that your knitting or crochet project can be a success. 

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