Sock Stop

Slippery socks are a thing of the past

Make socks safer for everyone with the amazing sock stops. This wonderful material applies liquid and dries solid to add the perfect amount of grip and traction to the slippery bottoms of knitted/crochet socks.

Just dab as many dots as you’d like on the bottom of the socks and they’re ready.

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The purpose with sock stop

With Sock stop, you can make non-slip socks and slippers by dabbing it underneath the project and allow it to dry. 

The material makes it easier to stand firmly so you don't slip, as crocheted/knitted slippers or socks can be very smooth. 

You can buy sock stop in both white and black.

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Perfect for all ages

Especially wonderful when making socks for the elderly or toddlers, these sock stoppers make walking with socks safe for anyone even on smooth marble or tile floors.

Available in black, white, and grey, they’ll blend right in with your socks.

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