On this page you will find our exciting range of mohair yarns. Exactly like all the other selections you find on LindeHobby, we are also able to offer a wide range of mohair yarns for all purposes. In other words, you will definitely be able to find exactly what you need for your upcoming project. Our mohair yarn consists of a combination of the finest silk and super kid mohair, 25% silk and 75% super kid mohair. It is therefore a very luxurious type of yarn.


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Contents: 75% Mohair, 25% Silk
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Contents: 73% Mohair / 22% wool / 5% polyamide
£ 6.43
£ 8.04
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Contents: 76% Mohair / 24% Silk
£ 5.12
£ 6.41
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Contents: 70% Mohair / 30% Microfiber
£ 5.99
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Light and lovely yarn for shawls and tops

There is no doubt that it is incredibly popular to use mohair yarn at this moment, which is also quite understandable, as it is one of the finest and softest types of yarn, you can work with. On this page, you will among other things, find DROPS Kid-Silk yarn, which is incredibly light, and additionally spans an incredibly nice colour range. With this type of yarn, you are guaranteed a soft product of high quality, which will fit perfectly for shawls or tops. You will also be able to use DROPS Kid-Silk yarn together with other DROPS products.

Choose between many decorative colours in soft mohair

Our range of lovely and soft mohair yarn clews also covers DROPS Verdi, where you can choose from many beautiful colours, and in addition they are available in decorative multi-coloured jumbo yarn. That way, you're guaranteed enough yarn for your entire knitting project. There is something for everyone here, and it's just about getting started creating something completely amazing from our many high quality products. In addition, you are always able to contact us if you need instructions for your project

Order Mohair Yarn online and get fast delivery right to your doorstep

Be inspired by our exciting range of fine mohair yarns in different sizes and colours. When you shop with us, you will also receive quick delivery to the address you want and in addition you have the option to pay with MobilePay, since we want to make it as easy for you as possible. At LindeHobby you are always guaranteed a wide range of high quality products at great prices aswell as getting excellent service.



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