Here you will find our exciting selection of mohair yarn. As with all other ranges we have, we can also offer a wide selection of mohair for all kinds of purposes, so you can be sure to find exactly what you need for your next project. Our mohair yarn consists of a combination of the finest silk and super kid mohair, equivalent to 25% silk and 75% super kid mohair. It is, therefore, a very luxurious yarn type.

Materiale_227: 75% Mohair / 25% Silk
£ 3.58
£ 3.80
You save: £ 0.22
4 reviews
25% Off
Materiale_227: 73% Mohair / 22% Wool / 5% Polyamide
£ 6.52
£ 8.69
You save: £ 2.17
Offer expires 31/01/2022
0 reviews
Materiale_227: 76% Mohair / 24% Silk
£ 5.00
£ 6.25
You save: £ 1.25
0 reviews
20% Off
Materiale_227: 72% Mohair / 28% Silk
£ 5.44
£ 6.79
You save: £ 1.35
Offer expires 31/01/2022
0 reviews
Materiale_227: 70% Mohair / 30% Microfiber
£ 5.99
0 reviews
Materiale_227: 76% Mohair / 24% Silk
£ 7.48
£ 9.35
You save: £ 1.87
0 reviews
Materiale_227: 80% Kid mohair / 20% Polyamide
£ 10.63
£ 13.30
You save: £ 2.67
0 reviews
30% Off
Materiale_227: 77% Mohair / 23% Silk
£ 5.45
£ 7.79
You save: £ 2.34
Offer expires 23/01/2022
0 reviews
Materiale_227: 75% Kid mohair / 20% Wool / 5% Polyamide
£ 9.00
£ 10.00
You save: £ 1.00
0 reviews

Light and stylish yarn for shawls and tops

There is no doubt that the use of mohair yarn is incredibly popular at the moment, which is also quite understandable because it is one of the prettiest and softest types of yarn you can work with. On this page, you will find DROPS Kid silk yarn that is incredibly light and also comes in a lot of incredibly beautiful colours. With this type of yarn, you're guaranteed to get a soft, high-quality product that fits perfectly for things like shawls or tops. You will also be able to easily use DROPS Kid silk yarn and other items from DROPS.

Choose from a variety of decorative colours of soft mohair

Our selection of lovely and soft yarn balls of mohair also includes DROPS Verdi, where you can choose from many beautiful colours and decorative multi-coloured jumbo skeins. This way you can feel completely confident that you have enough yarn for your knitting project. There's something for everyone on this page, which is why it's really just a matter of getting started with something absolutely amazing based on our many high-quality products. You can also always contact us if you need any help with your project.

Buy mohair yarn online and get fast shipping right to your door

Be inspired by our exciting selection of lovely mohair yarn in different sizes and colours. When you shop with us, you also get fast shipping to any address you want because we want to make it as easy as possible for you. At LindeHobby you always get a wide range of high-quality products at great prices, while also getting great customer service.



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