Cotton - Blend

Try one of the many cotton blends.

You can find blends consisting of cotton, linen, viscose, polyester and merino wool.

Try for example DROPS Cotton Merino, which is a popular yarn among yarn-lovers. The yarn gives you even edges, is superwash treated so it feels comfortable to the skin and is suitable for structural patterns, moss stitch and cable.

DROPS Cotton Light is a blend of cotton and polyester, which is perfect for children's clothes.

Only the sky's the limit, when it comes to, how you combine your cotton yarn.


Contents: 50% Cotton, 50% Polyester
£ 1.00
0 reviews
20% Off
Contents: 50% Wool, 50% Cotton
£ 2.71
£ 3.40
You save: £ 0.69
0 reviews
6% Off
Contents: 53% Cotton, 33% Viscose, 14% Flax
£ 1.70
£ 1.80
You save: £ 0.10
1 reviews
5% Off
Contents: 53% Cotton, 47% Linen
£ 2.38
£ 2.50
You save: £ 0.12
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