Clover SOFT TOUCH Crochet hook (2.0-6.0 mm)

The very popular Clover Soft Touch is available in many sizes from 2.00-6.00mm

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Clover SOFT TOUCH Crochet hook

Avid crocheters can agree that crocheting for hours together using regular crochet hooks can be quite strenuous on the hands. Your hands feel exhausted pretty quickly, but you keep going because it’s just so much fun. Well, you don’t have to sit through the discomfort and pain anymore with the Clover Soft Touch Crochet hook. This innovative crochet hook features an ergonomically designed shape that fits snugly into your fingers and has a soft grip that keeps your hand comfortable throughout your crocheting session. This crochet hook from clover is an excellent choice for older crochet enthusiasts and those with arthritis.

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Fits the hand very well while being super light and easy to use.

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