Clover AMOUR Crochet hook (2.0-15.0 mm)

Total length: 12,5 cm

Length of handle: 9,3

Material: ABS-plastic

Price from
£ 7.96

Clover AMOUR Crochet hook

Come fall in love with crochet all over again with the Clover AMOUR Crochet hook.

These crochet hooks feature an incredibly soft, cushy gripper that fits snugly in your palm and keeps your hand perfectly comfortable throughout the time you crochet. The sturdy, smooth metal hook allows the yarn to glide across it effortlessly, allowing you to pick up the speed of your stitches and producing neater, tighter stitches too. These crochet hooks from clover are available in sizes 2.0mm to 15.0mm, making them great for using with a wide range of yarn types and yarn weights.

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