DMC Mouliné Satin Embroidery Thread

Content: 100% Rayon

Effect: Glossy

Length/Thickness: 8 meters, 6-strand

Washing: 60 °C / Tumble dry at low heat

£ 2.15
  • Buy 5 and more for £ 2.00 for each
  • Buy 10 and more for £ 1.90 for each

DMC Mouliné Satin Embroidery Thread

Experience the luxurious shine with DMC Mouliné Satin Embroidery Thread. This thread is made of 100% rayon fibers, giving it an exceptional glossy sheen and a silky soft texture. Its smooth properties make it easy to work with, as it glides effortlessly through fabric. The thread is perfect for highlighting details and adding a touch of elegance to any embroidery project.

DMC Mouliné Satin is ideal for embroidery projects where you want to highlight specific details with a shiny and eye-catching effect. Its smooth finish makes it perfect for decorative purposes and artistic applications.

Product Benefits

  • Luxurious Shine: 100% rayon fibers ensure an intense gloss and silky soft feel.
  • Easy to Work With: The threads separate easily and glide effortlessly through fabric.
  • Versatility: Thickness can vary depending on the number of threads: Ideal for techniques requiring precision and finesse

Tips for Use
To maximize the aesthetic qualities of the thread, it is recommended to use it in areas of the embroidery where you want to attract attention.

Why Choose This Thread?
DMC Mouliné Satin Embroidery Thread not only offers visual appeal but also a user-friendly experience, making it a favorite among both beginners and experienced embroiderers. Its unique shine makes your embroidery projects truly special.

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