Creative Easter Egg, 1 set


  • Silk Clay and Foam Clay in multiple colours
  • Styrofoam, plastic eyes and roller eyes
  • Tube beads, pegboard, pipe cleaners
  • Pumps and glitter pumps
  • Moss rubber hearts and string
  • Artificial feathers, glitter glue and eye stems.
£ 9.80
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Creative Easter Egg set

Feeling creative this Easter? Why not make all of your decorations from scratch? The Creative Easter Egg Set lets you make the cutest Easter decorations easier than ever. This set includes all the materials and decorations you need to truly get your creative juices flowing. With plain styrofoam eggs as the base and so many different materials to decorate them in any way you want, this set makes an excellent activity for both adults and kids. This set comes with different types of colourful clay, sequins, googly eyes, stickers, pipe cleaners and so much more, so the possibilities are endless when you’ve got this set.

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