STAEDTLER Lumocolor Duo Permanent Marker

Content: 1 piece

Color: Black

Line width: F - fine (approx. 0.6 mm), B - broad (approx. 1.5 mm - 4.0 mm)

Tip: Round (F), slanted (B)

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STAEDTLER Lumocolor Duo Permanent Marker

Staedtler's Duo markers are great for a wide range of purposes. The Lumocolor Duo is a 2-in-1 version of the popular Staedtler permanent marker. With the Duo, you get two line widths in one pen. The Lumocolor 348B series has two tips, a round tip with a narrow line width of approximately 0.6 mm, and a slanted tip with a medium line width of approximately 1.5 - 4.0 mm.

With the Lumocolor 348B, you can write on a wide range of surfaces: paper, overheads, plastic, metal, bubble wrap and foam, glass and porcelain, wood and stone. The markers contain ink without chemical substances such as xylene and toluene, so you avoid the smell of alcohol.

Since the ink dries quickly, the writing does not smudge, making it ideal for left-handed use as the hand does not get dirty. The quick-drying ink also makes the marker particularly suitable for use on overheads. The ink is DRY SAFE, ensuring a marker that can withstand being left uncapped without drying out.

In addition, the marker is designed with the special AIRPLANE SAFE system, which means you can take it with you in your suitcase without the marker leaking when subjected to pressure.

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