Artist Line Rubber tip paint brush 2+6+10 mm, 3 pcs

Pack containing 3 rubber tip paint brushes measuring 2, 6, and 10 mm respectively

The set contains 1 round, 1 inclined, and 1 flat brush

£ 11.26
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Artist Line Rubber tip paint brush

The Artist Line Rubber tip paintbrushes are an innovative and versatile tool that any painting enthusiast will enjoy using. Perfect for adding fine details and sharp lines to your artwork, these rubber-tipped brushes are designed in round, inclined, and flat shapes. These rubber-tipped brushes are also called colour shapers and can be used to easily blend, lift, and add texture to oil and acrylic paints. Besides painting, these paintbrushes can be used to perform various crafting tasks with added ease, such as applying glue or masking fluid without ruining your brushes and adding details to your clay models. The best part is, nothing sticks to these brushes, so you can easily rinse them or wipe them completely clean.

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