Bamboo Skewers 3 mm x 25 cm, 200 pcs

Pack of 200 pieces of bamboo skewers

The sticks measure 25 cm in length and 3 mm in thickness.

£ 7.25
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Bamboo skewers

There’s nothing quite as versatile as bamboo skewers in the crafting world. 

From making crafts and decorations with these bamboo skewers to adding strength and support to your sculptures, and more, you can do so much with these slender, sturdy, pointed sticks. Use them as stems for your handmade flowers or use them to make holiday decorations like snowflakes and spiderwebs, the possibilities are endless.  Made from high-quality split bamboo, these unvarnished, smooth skewers are even perfect for using as skewers for grilling meat and to add support to tiered cakes and more.

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