Beading Needle 12 cm, 5 pcs

Beading Needle for threading beads.

Contains: 5 pcs

Length: 12 cm

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Beading Needle

Make marvellous beaded jewellery or adorn your creations with beautiful beads easily with the Beading Needle.

These ultra-thin, flexible needles are perfect for working with a wide range of beads of all styles and sizes and feature a wide eye that collapses to fit through the bead holes for quick beading work. Designed at a convenient 12 cm length, these beading needles are easy and comfortable to use for a long time without putting any strain on your hands. The eye instantly reshapes after it is pulled through the bead, while the needle remains sturdy and kink-free, so you can use these needles without worries of damage.

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