KnitPro ZOONI Stitch Markers Amaryllis, 7 pcs

With KnitPro Zooni stitch markers you get 7 beautiful stitch markers, 1 of which is unique.

Materials: Nylon thread and glass beads

Quantity: 7 pcs.

Colors: Red and white

Size: 4,3 x 1,4 and 4 x 0,5 cm

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KnitPro ZOONI Stitch Markers Amaryllis

These KnitPro ZOONI Stitch Markers are the perfect way to keep your stitches marked and looking professional.

Made of bendable wire with a bead on each one to keep them in place, these markers won't damage your needles, and the bead ensures that they don't move between your stitches. The beads are also easy to flick out of the way when you need to, so you can focus on your knitting. KnitPro's ZOONI stitch markers are perfect for professional knitters and crocheters. With a beautiful design, these stitch markers are sure to help you stay on track while knitting!

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