KnitPro ZOONI Stitch Markers Skull Candy, 12 pcs

With KnitPro Zooni stitch markers you get 12 nice stitch markers with fun colours.

Contains: 12 pcs

Colours: Blue, orange and purple.

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KnitPro ZOONI Skull Stitch Markers

Let your knitting take on a life of its own with KnitPro's ZOONI Stitch Markers Skull Candy! These 12 colourful markers add personality and pizzazz to any project, and their delicate wire construction ensures that they won't damage your needles. The markers come in a beautiful gold mesh bag for easy storage, making them the perfect gift for any craft lover.

KnitPro's ZOONI Stitch Markers are the perfect way to inject some fun into your accessory collection! These 12 different zany and artistic markers are guaranteed to make you smile. Presented. Designed for all kinds of knitting projects, their delicate bendable wire won't damage your needles either.

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