Screw puncher, size 2-4

Screw punches for punching holes in 3 sizes

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Screw puncher

Punch holes into a stack of paper or multiple pieces of cardboard in one go with the Screw Punch. Designed to make cleaner, even-sized holes, this handy tool prevents the paper from bunching or tearing when you punch multiple sheets together. This unique paper punch allows you to make holes on any part of the paper, unlike traditional punches that only let you make holes on the sides. It also comes with 3 detachable bits for making 3 different hole sizes in your project. Made with a super sharp blade, it can cut through several layers of paper, heavy cardboard, fabric, veneer, cork, metal foil and leather. Just attach the bit and press down slowly onto the paper to create clean, perfectly cut holes.

The interchangeable tips are conveniently stored in the handle.

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