Stickers, Animals, Sheets 15 x 16.5 cm, 1 sheet

Contains 1 sheet

Sheet length: 16.5 cm

Sheet width: 15 cm

The number of stickers varies

Available with different motifs

£ 0.98
£ 1.16
You save: £ 0.18

Animal stickers

Self-adhesive animal motifs of matte paper with details and silver border, gold edge or glitter.

There’s nothing like adorable animals brought to life with a little glitter. Vibrant and playful, this collection of sticker sheets feature animals of all kinds, from exotic pink flamingos to dinosaurs, colourful butterflies to sleepy owls. Each sticker is complete with a sprinkle of glitter to add a touch of magic to it. Loved by kids and adults, these stickers make great additions to any sticker collection and can also be added to handmade creatives like scrapbooks, greeting cards and handwritten letters. Available in sheets with an assortment of miniature stickers, our collection 

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