Watercolour in palette, 6 colours, 1 set

Contains 6 different colours
Material: Water colours
Color diameter: 44 mm
Color height: 16 mm
Available in several colour combinations

Price from
£ 4.45
£ 5.24
You save: £ 0.79

Watercolours in a palette

Who said you need a ton of colours to create masterpieces? With this 6-shade watercolour set, you’ve got an assortment of colours that don’t just push your creativity to the maximum, but also your analytical mind. The contrasting shades help artists move away from their conventional methods and force them to use colour combinations that they haven’t experimented with before. This results in unconventional solutions and artwork that is unlike what you are used to. The palette is durable and comes with a protective lid, allowing you to carry your unique set of 6 wherever you go without the worry of mess. So, create your next watercolour beauty with this 6-colour watercolour in a palette set.

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