Beady Family 14.400 beads 501


  • Beadys app, which makes bead laying more fun
  • Access to hundreds of beautiful bead patterns
  • 14,400 Hama beads
  • 36 different bead colors
  • 8 Beady bead boards
  • 1 Beady bead scraper
  • 225 Beady Coins
£ 49.99
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Beady Family 14.400 beads 501

Experience the magic and combine analog play with digital possibilities as you explore the world of creativity together. With the bead set, you get access to our free Beady app, where you can find hundreds of bead patterns. The patterns turn into the finest designs when our 36 selected colors create the most amazing shades.

Place the Beady bead boards on a tablet or mobile device, and the pegs light up, showing you where to place the beads. You can determine the size of the design by connecting as many boards as you want. You can create many cool patterns or choose to collaborate on the same pattern. Avoid damaging the beads and scrape the finished design off the board with the Beady bead scraper.

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