All the Go Handmade Children’s Knitting Patterns in one place

Browse through our collections to find a perfectly adorable jumper or cardigan for your next knitting project. Available as a bundle with the knitting pattern and the best Go Handmade yarn choice for the design, it lets you flawlessly recreate any knitting pattern you choose. Ideal for those who enjoy knitting regularly, these patterns from Go Handmade make an excellent choice for gifting or making for your own children.

The patterns are also available in various sizes, so you can be sure that your knitted clothing will be the perfect fit.

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£ 25.25
£ 31.58
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£ 21.96
£ 27.48
You save: £ 5.52
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£ 34.72
£ 43.43
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£ 26.35
£ 32.98
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