Fiskars Pointed Scissors Slip-on, 12 cm

Special Slip-On scissors from Fiskars.

Measures 12 cm and is a right-hand scissors.

£ 12.60
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Fiskars Pointed Scissors Slip-on

Looking for a pair of scissors specifically designed for small details? Look no further than Fiskars Pointed Scissors. 

Whether you're a crafter, artist, or just want to be able to quickly and easily cut out those pesky little details, these Fiskars Pointed Scissors are perfect for the job! Their safety handles offer a comfortable experience and sharp slip-coated blades prevent tape, labels, and the like from sticking to your leaves, so you can focus on getting the perfect cut. These scissors are perfect for the crafty person who likes to be precise with their details. With slip-coated blades, you'll never have to worry about your fabric sticking to the blades again!

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