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15 beautiful new recipes for baby and children, 3 months to 6 years, from Du Store Alpakka. See them all in the link below.


Baby, Child


Air Dreamline, Alpaca Fur, Alpaca Wool, Baby Silk, Faerytale, Fin, Hexa, Pus, Sky Dreamline, Soul Dreamline, Strong, Thin Alpine


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Anne-Kirsti Espenes, Hrönn Jónsdóttir

You Store Alpakka (DSA) uses only the finest fibers in their yarns and alpaca fibers are of high quality are exceptionally soft. Even the most delicate skin usually tolerates DSA's finest alpaca right on the skin.

Boy's Knit & Girl's Knit - for all alpaca kids!

Now we have done it again. We have filled an entire magazine with the autumn's most delicious garments for all alpaca kids. The smallest need clothes like whims, breathe and regulate the heat. All this and more you get in a good alpaca quality. Therefore, we recommend alpaca, alpaca wool and alpaca silk both for the most delicate baby baths and for wild kindergarten kids - both at the inner skin and as an insulating intermediate layer under outerwear and park dress.
There is an alpaca bag for every need and use. Babylonian and fine in lovely alpaca silk is self-explanatory for baby clothes, collection kit, underwear and fine garments. STRONG in alpaca merino wool, which is reinforced with 20 percent nylon, is great for nursery clothes, socks and garments that will withstand wear and tear.
Everything from a simple ribbed knit to stripes, a hooded pattern, and a fine aroma knit is super-actual to the smallest. For kindergartenVesla enough jackets are available as LUSESTJERNA, LILLEMILLEBLOMST and LILIMOR. We guess RILLED SEED POCKETS also do. The finest kid's knit like KRYSS & KRINGLE, KUBIK and FLETTEFIN sweater are just as nice for little girls, and who can resist LILLEBJØRN teddy bear jacket and trousers!
If you have found something that fits the pod perfectly, you have several yarn choices. Remember that TYNN ALPAKKA in 100 percent alpaca, ALPAKKA WOOL in 60 percent alpaca and 40 percent wool and FIN in 50 percent baby pack and 50 percent mulberry silk, have the same knit gauge, different uses and are suitably thick for fine children's clothing. As always, it is fun to experiment with yarn, blend thin and thick, smooth and puffy - and see what happens. It can't go wrong. Just see the LINEA DRESSES that are perfect in the nursery. Or how about a beautiful BUTTON LINE VOGNPOSE that follows the go'ungen from the big carriage to the car bag, is big enough for the sports edition and works fine as a sleeping bag at home as well.
All children deserve alpaca and more alpaca!

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