Go Handmade Safety Nose Mix

Comes with a safety lock

Includes 25 pieces of assorted sizes

Available in sizes 9, 12 and 16 mm

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£ 6.98
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Go Handmade Safety Nose Mix

Is there anything cuter than sweet, button noses on teddy bears and other stuffed animals?

We don’t think so!

Finish your knitted or stuffed toy’s face with a black safety nose from Go Handmade. Smooth, and glossy this assorted plastic nose set includes various sizes that are perfect for multiple projects. So simple yet so cute, these noses bring a delightful, cuddly character to your new knitted buddies. Featuring a discreet locking system these noses are easy to attach but difficult to remove, so they cannot be pulled out by kids easily.

To be used in toys made for kids older than 3 years

We all love our knitted or stuffed toys, but these faces can be left unfinished, without that special little feature that brings them to life. Go Handmade has developed the perfect nose for your knitting creations - the GH Safety Nose! Using high-quality plastic and a realistic finish they look almost real and also come with a locking system, ensuring that they don’t go anywhere once attached. Perfect for beginner knitters or soft-toy pros, the mix of black and white shades allow you to create toys that are cuddly and safe for you and your child.

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